The First

I wanted to start by talking a little about my background and how I developed my nutrition philosophies before I start writing about those elephants in the room – debunking myths, exposing the truth about nutrition and latest nutrition “fads”.

I didn’t always eat my vegetables – I know, hard to believe. As a child I was confused and frustrated that I had to finish my veggies before eating dessert. Then came adolescence. In high school I struggled with body image and like everyone else, played the comparison game. While engaging with disordered eating and unhealthy efforts to control body weight just seemed to make me feel worse, I wondered what ‘healthy eating’ really was. With so many conflicting views in the media, from friends and what ‘health professionals’ were saying, it was difficult to know the truth from a lie. At sixteen, sick of not knowing what was true and what was false, I decided that I wanted to be someone who empowered others with knowledge and truth about nutrition.

20160625_115147I’m now entering my 4th year as a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics student and I’m so excited to share with you what I have learnt throughout it and all the things I have yet to learn. Before we get started, I will let you know some of my fundamental nutrition values that I hold.

  • I believe in a whole-foods approach to eating and living a healthy lifestyle
  • I believe in health without going to extremes
  • I believe in everything in moderation
  • I believe food should be fun
  • I believe that everyone is unique and that includes how each person should maintain a healthy lifestyle

I hope that you find these posts helpful, insightful and encouraging and that they empower you to make informed decisions about your health and lifestyle.

– Kirralee Waterhouse

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