Acai – Is it all it’s worked up to be?

I don’t know about you but there have been many an occasion where I’ve planned a rendezvous with friends, and whilst making the make-it or break-it decision (Which of the 100 great places should we choose to eat at?!), one person pipes up ‘Let’s all get acai bowls!’.

Ahh yes. The not-so-new fad sweeping the nations – especially here in Australia where the weather is always hot, sunny and perfect for a refreshing bowl of acai.

But is it really all it’s worked up to be?

Whilst acai bowls are a sure thing to get you extra likes and probably a few more followers on Instagram, here are some of the hidden (and the not-so-hidden) naked truths:

1. Easy way to fit more fruit in your daypexels-photo-47483

Acai bowls, whilst usually made from acai powder rather than the fresh fruit, are still usually dressed with a variety of my favourites not limited to strawberries, apples, grapes, watermelon and banana – pretty much name a fruit and I’m pretty sure it has been an acai bowl decoration at some stage. LOVE IT. Whilst I’m not normally an advocate for food fads, I do love that acai promotes a greater intake of fresh fruit.

2. It’s true – Acai is packed with vitamins and our favourite word – ‘antioxidants’ …but…

pexels-photo-104985Whilst I’m a sceptic of the word ‘superfood’, there is science behind the claim that acai is packed with antioxidants and vitamins great for our health. The hidden secret is that all berries are more and less the same. Some may argue that there are ‘more’ nutrients in acai, but this is so insignificant in the small amount you are having in an acai bowl that it really doesn’t make a difference to your health than if you were eating regular fruit. If you’re not into boring – go for it!  But there’s also no need to worry if you chose a banana and an apple instead of acai today. You’re going to get similar benefits from really any fruits or vegetables. Whilst all fruits and vegetables have similar antioxidants and nutrients, they do vary in vitamins and minerals which is why it’s important to colour your trolley and get a wide variety in (not sure how? check out my post on how to fit in your 2&5).

3. Acai can be heavy on the wallet

Apexels-photo-375896cai can be expensive. Especially if you’re having them more regularly than a special occasion. Where I live, the average acai bowl at a cafe goes for about $14. There are much cheaper ways to get the same amount of nutrients in. All fruits and vegetables are packed with antioxidants and vitamins – the same ones that you find in acai. Whilst there is no issue per say with having acai bowls if you can afford it, for those scraping every last penny thinking an acai bowl is the be all and end all of health – don’t fret, regular fruit and veg are going to do the same trick.

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