Hey there!
11101506_1061312667229095_844896633414968760_o-copyI’m Kirralee Waterhouse – a 4th year student dietitian passionate about nutrition and how what we put in our bodies can influence our lifestyles. I believe in the bigger picture eating – eating a wholesome nutritious diet with everything in moderation.

Why did I want to start this blog? Through my own journey with food, I discovered a lot of BS information through my internet searches – many lies and opinions about foods that people were claiming as facts. As a person who hates being lied to – but is also passionate about how nutrition can enhance your life – I decided that it was time someone started writing the naked truth about nutrition; the facts, no BS, just plain and simple.

I hope my posts will benefit your life by empowering you with the truth about nutrition so that you can make informed decisions about your own journey with food.